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A Vision for Defence As communists we are not pacifists, not all wars are abhorrent. Revolutionary wars, which bring progressive change for the working class, are inevitable as reactionary forces cling desperately to power that they have long since lost. Pacifism is not a policy or ideology that has credence in a revolutionary climate, we cannot turn the other cheek if we wish to create a socialist state. It is evident that British military is not what it used to be; the days of an empire where the sun does not set have long disappeared into the realms of history. However given where Britain now is in the world order, our armed forces, retain an aggressive capability, able to project imperialist power around the globe. They are provided with the capability, not to defend these shores from aggressors but to act as an aggressor on behalf of British imperialist foreign policy. Imperialist ambitions have declined little, boots on the ground and colonial civil servants have been dispensed with by global capitalism. Multi-nationals are controlling and exploiting the resources of the developing nations. However when it comes to war Britain seeks allies, whether with NATO, the EU or with others using the pretext of UN resolutions. Any Nation that fails to toe the line is severely dealt with, from Europe to Africa. This is no more evident in the current imperialist wars we see today in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, these cannot be supported. They are the acts of a reactionary capitalist class seeking to control resources and nations for their own exploitative desires and will only lead to greater and wider conflicts. The Workers Party of Britain will develop a policy that is truly based on the defence of Britain and not on imperialist aggression. No longer will young men and women die on battlefields far away from their homeland.
No Trident In a desperate attempt to retain Britain's status in the world, successive governments since 1945 have placed their faith in Nuclear weapons, a supposing independent deterrent. Against what is unclear, first it was the USSR now the war on terror? Britain now only retains the Independent Trident Missile within its nuclear arsenal but the term independent is a misnomer. We rely on the USA for the launch codes and in reality have to ask permission of the Americans before we can launch their destructive capability. Nuclear weapons have no relationship with defence; they will only bring death and destruction on the world, including those who launch them. Download the full article
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