A Vision for Health Spending on health for the population should be seen as part of workers' wages; individual, collective and social. This 'wage' includes the right to a good income, high quality food, a safe workplace with welfare facilities, education and culture, decent housing, public transport and a clean, healthy environment. Massive investment is needed to achieve a healthy social and physical environment. In fact economic and social policies in a wide range of areas such as transport, food, income and work have an impact on health. With the resources it has, Britain should be able to increase its health provision and personnel, along with increased training and education in the sector. Those involved in providing services, determining policy, or deciding on allocation of resources in the health sector should aim to provide health care that is universal, comprehensive, free at the point of use and that aims to improve the health of the whole community, encourages people to take control and makes healthy choices easier. Education is needed to foster the ability to take control and change circumstances. The World Health Organisation in 1978 emphasised the "rights and duty to participate individually and collectively in planning and implementation of... health care." Health workers, members of the public, patients, should be involved along with administrators and policy makers. Care should be provided at a neighbourhood or local level where possible, but there needs to be a system of district, regional and national specialist services. Health and related services should aim at prevention of illness and disability. But services should be available to treat illnesses and
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disability promptly, and for convalescence, rehabilitation, and continuing palliative or terminal care. These services will be available to all who need them... Download the full article
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