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A Vision for Housing In a socialist society, it would be a basic right of every individual to shelter.  Homelessness would become a thing of the past. The development of Social Housing programmes would ensure a good standard of accommodation at an affordable rent.  The housing needs of the individual would be met e.g. number of bedrooms for children and adaptations for special needs.  Tenants would not be expected to build homes in properties, which are damp, in need of basic maintenance and modernisation. Social Housing programmes would be developed by the state and there would be an end to the Capitalist approach of the large private housing associations whose basic premise has become lost.  They have begun to adopt a policy of squeezing the supply chain to develop a surplus to grow the association at the expense of the social benefit element of their constitutions.  The affordability element becoming lost.  Tenants are treated as customers rather than having a right to housing.  Democracy, as in other aspects of a socialist society would be embedded in the social housing sector and tenants would be expected to contribute to the decision making process to maintain and develop their homes and their local neighbourhood within the remit and regulations of the social housing projects.  The Citizenship element would be re-emphasised in the state provision rather than the consumer approach.  There would not be a right to buy social housing. This
would become recognised as a failed policy of past Capitalist systems.  In Britain, property and land are a source of wealth- making and speculation. The cost of housing is distorted. It does not simply reflect the cost of building, maintenance and management.