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Social democracy and the EU The Treaty of Lisbon that now controls Britain, has tightened the grip of capital over our country and is forcing through the privatisation of all our key industries and the public sector. This, together with the EU Constitution and single currency, is an essential part of the implementation of the Treaty. The EU openly promotes a brutal capitalism which requires a totally free market open to the highest bidder and a centralisation of production of certain goods into certain countries, or ‘Economic Zones’. Under its free market rules governments are forbidden to nationalise, or subsidise industries. Parliament has failed so far to put the Lisbon Treaty to a referendum of the people. The employers are desperate to see its provisions brought in so that the free movement of goods, capital, labour and services become enshrined in the constitution as an economic requirement. They also want its new anti-union and labour laws. The fight for a referendum and a no vote is one of the most crucial of our time, but the union movement has yet to grasp its importance. However, the British people have refused to adopt the euro and have rejected regional government and, increasingly, Parliamentary elections. Despite the urging of various union leaders, a deep dissatisfaction with Labour and the EU is becoming more evident. Recent anti worker and anti trade union rulings in the cases of Ruffert, Laval, Viking and Luxembourg have made more people aware of the real nature of the EU and the threats to collective bargaining.
The European Union is a significant obstacle in the way of workers; it is the regional arm of ‘globalisation’ and an aggressive neoliberal structure. Until this is recognised we will fight a perpetually defensive battle while being attacked in a new way. Some people see the EU as a counter-balance to the aggression of the United States, but in fact it is a menacing alternative imperialist bloc developing its own military capabilities to challenge the US for the world’s resources. Britain will not be able to determine its own destiny in the interests of workers as long as we are in the EU.