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A Vision for International Policy Globalisation is the combined use of political, economic and military power to achieve a worldwide movement towards economic and financial integration, allowing finance capital to accumulate and speculate freely across the world and an international capitalist class to emerge. Globalisation has an impact on the ability of our class to organise to protect its jobs, industries and services. National Governments are substantially controlled by the forces of capital and the momentum of neoliberalism. In Europe people are no longer citizens of their own country. As the market rules without democratic constraint and civil society and trade unions become increasingly incorporated, we have a new, increasingly fascist politics. The USA takes a world domination view and ruthlessly uses its state power to reinforce corporate interests in places like Iraq. Tensions arise as the EU challenges US markets while China and India compete with the West for resources and a new imperialism arises in Russia. ALBA, a coalition of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua formed to promote social, political, and economic integration, is at the forefront of the challenge to globalisation and a direct threat to that neo-liberal agenda. An independent Britain, free from the EU, with its resources and armed forces under the control of its people, would lay the basis of a new, genuinely ethical, non-nuclear foreign policy. There is a class history of fighting for independence and sovereignty both in Britain and internationally. We must formulate a new international policy for the country - we have a world to win, but need to start where we are in Britain. A free nation is a people determining their own destiny unmolested by foreign intervention. This is real internationalism. Download the full article