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Energy and Power - A Future for Britain Thirty years on, the bravery and clarity of the miners’ strike for an industrial future for a democratically controlled Britain remains deeply significant. This living struggle deserves a renewal of commitment to socialism and the building of a publicly owned, diverse, modern, planned, integrated energy supply industry at the heart of publicly owned utilities, banks and public services. This will require the creation of a new Ministry led by all those who produce, maintain, service, develop and manage our energy supply. This must be publicly accountable and work on the basis of an agreed long term strategy with sufficient public funding. The market, private and overseas owners and their underlying profit motive must be removed from energy generation and strict systems of price control introduced. A new Ministry and policy must be answerable only to a British government. There can therefore be no meaningful energy policy to benefit the British people while Britain remains a member of the European Union. This pamphlet proposes the key principles on which to base an integrated energy strategy and advocates the formation of a new government structure which gives central authority to the scientists, engineers and workforce within construction, mining and energy supply to manage this new strategy. Energy supply can no longer be left to politicians. The Start of Something New The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and their supporters in 1984/85 warned that the break up and demolition of the British coal industry would lead to the madness of increased imports of coal and other energy supplies. This is turn would make our country politically dependent on volatile and reactionary overseas powers, rather than independent of them. We rightly said North Sea oil and gas revenues would
be squandered on paying for unemployment, and investment in green alternatives would be reduced. We warned that in the absence of a general industrial policy and with the closures of steel and engineering at the time, a reduced reliance on domestic supplies was being falsely created. The ability of a country to source and control its own energy supplies is fundamental to its prosperity, so too is being able to distribute and price this energy supply in the interests of the people and their productive and domestic security and comfort. It follows that when discussing energy supply in Britain we cannot consider it without considering political power over the country. Britain’s Energy Policy in Hand of EU This power has largely been handed to the European Union (EU) and the forces of finance capital. Any serious discussion about the future of energy supply in Britain has to tackle the question of democratic power over the nation. Self determination remains the bedrock of socialism and coal supplies were a source of our political strength that international capitalism had to destroy. Similarly, keeping the most advanced technological and scientific skills in energy generaton and consumption alive and cutting edge in Britain is a priority now. Download full pamphlet Read our Vision for Energy
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